Sunday, October 6, 2013


What is normal to you?
Normal for sportsman is to sweats. A lot.

For housewife,  normal is to do chores,  cooking and all domestic.

For org beranak,  normal is to deliver naturally. 

For org jahat, normal is to ambil peluang bila dapat chances.

For students,  normal is going to class,  eat, sleep, exam, friends,  library.

For government servants,  normal is saya yg menurut perintah,

For parents,  normal is loving and protecting ur child.

For grandparents,  normal is to spoil ur grandchild

For 1st timer, normal is least chance of success. 

For old timer(otai), normal is action based on experience.

Are we normal? 

Yes.  We are normal in our own way. 
If everyday its been like that than it is normal for that person.

So. Stop trying to say why cant I get a normal life? Why cant I be normal? Why wont u be normal? Coz it is not normal. Changing from  an old routines and make new routine is normal when the new routine is going to going to be ur normally things.

So what is normal? 

Normal for me?
Normal for you?
Normal for him, her, and her?

Normal is like now ni lah.
Going to work. Send kids to taska, whenever off day, stay at home or go to kedai. Jaga the baby, jaga the kids, hoping encek darling will take us to somewhere but its not going to happen cos its not normal. Huhu.. tapi Alhamdulillah normal lah hari2 gitu.

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