Tuesday, December 30, 2008

tips on saving money from akpk

What goes up and never comes down? Besides your age, the price of goods and services is a possible answer too! In fact of late, there has been much talk about rising food and fuel prices all over the world. With prices going up and income remains relatively stagnant, it’s very important that we learn how to live more prudently.

What does it mean to be Prudent?
We may not like to use this word in our daily lives but we are going to hear it more often today than ever. Ask our forefathers and most often than not, they would tell us that their lifestyle was synonymous to this word. People today may be earning more than their forefathers, much more, but somehow, we are constantly a little short of cash, what more to save. It’s really not surprising because in those good old days you can buy a bowl of noodles for five sen whereas today, even a beggar would snub at the five sen that you dropped into his bowl!
Being prudent or frugal simply means managing in order to save. It means getting the most for your money. People who are prudent constantly find ways to save time, money and energy and let us state that being prudent does not mean being a “cheapo” / stingy or “kiam-sap”, as the Hokkiens call it.

How can I practice being Prudent or Frugal?
There are many ways to live on less money and below are some suggestions to help you stretch your Ringgit further:

  • Reduce your daily expenses – before you buy anything, ask yourself:
  1. Do I really need this?
  2. Can I get it cheaper somewhere else?
  3. Can I get it for free?
  • · Cut something big out of your budget – go without a car (ouch!) and save on petrol, repairs, road tax, insurance and tolls or for being less harsh, try scaling down on your car type, like going for lower capacity vehicles. -cannot live la without car. tempat keje jauh
  • · Use less – turn off the lights when not in-use and switch to energy-saving bulbs, cut-down on air-cons, wash full loads of clothes and dry them outside (rather than using a drying machine) and turn off all electrical appliances when not in use. - can do , will try
  • · Reduce waste – use paper on both sides (go paperless, whenever possible!) and use cloth diapers rather than disposable ones.
  • · Reuse or Recycle – compost your wastes, wherever possible (which can be used to plant your own vegetables!), grow a garden & turn your trash to cash! - apartment kecik je.. mana nak muat
  • · Make things last longer – mend clothing, re-glue shoes, and fix things before they’re beyond repair.
  • · Find new uses for old things – paint old furniture, make quilts from old clothes and convert old large tables as desks. In other words, recycle, recycle, and recycle!
  • · Find cheaper substitutes – buy generic brands, shop at garage sales, rent instead of buy
  • You can also be frugal by taking care of your needs in creative ways, by sharing with others and buy using community resources. Here are some other ways to save:
  • · Find free or cheap entertainment. (we’ll talk about this more later) - free download music via internet haha
  • · Share big purchases. - such as buying cloth diaper in bulk
  • Sharing can help you get what you need for less money. For example, you may share a ladder, drill and perhaps a vacuum cleaner with your neighbours. You can also share a lot of your children’s play equipment with your friends or family members and car pooling is certainly another good example.
  • · Trade or barter for services or products.
  • Yes, we are living in a modern world but who says that we can’t practice bartering? In fact, you can trade or barter all kinds of things. If you can give a good haircut and your friend bakes very good cakes, trade your skills. You both get something you need and you both save money. Think about your skills, the things you enjoy and the things you do well. Next, think about the skills and talents of your friends, family and neighbours. Check around to see if someone wants to trade with you. Start out with something simple and see how it works. Who knows, you may someday create another “eBay”!
How can I save money on Entertainment?
This is one area where we spend quite a lot without realizing. However, it’s still possible to get good wholesome entertainment for free or almost free. Just because you’re trying to save money doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. No matter what your income, make time to relax and enjoy (after all, you only live once!) It’s probably even more important when you have less money. Without fun, it’s hard to lead a healthy life.

Here are some suggestions:
  • · Borrow books or attend seminars/ programmes for free from the public library
  • · Rent a video and try making your own kacang putih / cookies instead of going to the cinema
  • · Visit the museums, zoos or the parks and enjoy the fresh air (depending on where you are!)
  • · Look out for free concerts, kid’s programmes and family activities from the newspaper or through the tourist information centres/ websites
  • · Take an inexpensive class through community education, learn a new craft or revive an old interest. You can even convert that hobby into a business
  • · Attend free book readings for adults and kids at your local bookstores or library
  • · Walk, hike or bike to explore something new or visit a favourite place
  • · Watch the sun rise and set, find constellations in the sky, or perhaps start a project with your family like planting a tree (durian or mango trees would be perfect as that will help you save money on fruits!)

There’re a whole lot of other ways to enjoy cheap, good and wholesome entertainment, if you care to look around (just get onto the internet and run a search on “prudent lifestyle” or “frugal” and you’d be amazed as to what you’ll find!). In fact, another interesting activity that you may want to try is “people-watching”! Sit by the parks or malls and just observe what people do, how they walk, talk and laugh and how some parents “communicate” with their kids. There’s a lot to learn by just observing other people and best of all, it’s FREE!

Living on less money does not necessarily mean living any less. It’s more about living our lives more abundantly and purposefully and not merely living for others. Being prudent in all aspects of our lives is the cornerstone of wealth-building. If you hope to be financially free someday, you’d need to make prudent financial management a way of life, no matter what your income level or status

tips to save 1000 in 30 days

Full list of tips

Tip #1: Pack lunches for the rest of the week
Tip #2: Turn your thermostat down 3 degrees
Tip #3: Sell something on eBay today
Tip #4: Involve your friends in your savings challenge
Tip #5: Optimize your cellphone bill
Tip #6: Use gas prices to become your own hedge fund
Tip #7: Create a “No Spending” day once a week
Tip #8: Implement the A La Carte Method
Tip #9: Only buy new things when replacing something old
Tip #10: Use the free rewards from your credit card, car insurance, and workplace
Tip #11: Never pay full retail price for clothes or eyeglasses again
Tip #12: How I’m saving $2,000+ on eating out in 2009
Tip #13: How to negotiate your car insurance
Tip #14: Use self-persuasion to share how much you’ve saved so far
Tip #15: Forget going to a bar — ask people over for dinner
Tip #16: Cancel any large purchase this month
Tip #17: Buy generic for the stuff you don’t care about
Tip #18: No Christmas gifts this year
Tip #19: Save Money, Eat Well and Look Hot in Less Than an Hour
Tip #20: Change the date of Christmas
Tip #21: Save thousands by pre-paying your debt
Tip #22: Analyze your progress in the 30 Day Challenge (plus, see how I’m doing)
Tip #23: Go cash only for 15 to 30 days
Tip #24: Cut your commute expenses by 40%
Tip #25: Earn more money using your God-given skills
Tip #26: Gardender? Cleaning lady? DIY instead
Tip #27: Use barriers to prevent yourself from spending money
Tip #28: Use price-protection guarantees to always get the lowest price (travel, retail)
Tip #29: Stop being a loser and spend money to save money

petikan dari http://www.iwillteachyoutoberich.com/blog/announcing-the-save-1000-in-30-days-challenge

Friday, December 26, 2008

afiq kena chicken pox

chicken pox story
Saturday 13th december.
tgh bersiap2 nak pi genting..ngan azli's friend ( actually tgh beramuk-amuk) menyiapkan afiq, mengemas brg2 and a little bit quarell with darling (about bringing food to genting) sekali terdiscover one alien dot near afiq left ear. before this masa mandikan dia ada perasan sekutul bijik objek yg tidak dikenali. then bila dah terdiscover benda asing tu check semula sekutul bijik objek yg tidak dikenali tersebut. hati rasa tak senang and agak2 mcm chicken pox ni. so bawakla si afiq ke klinik.and yes confirm its a chicken pox. poor dear afiq. sekecil umo 8 bulan kena chicken pox. i called mak on the phone and discover that fahim also dapat chicken pox. nga ha haha... berjangkit dari angah faris la tu. poor baby!
in this picture.. yg sebijik beso tu adalah ibunye

so that week mon-wed berholiday la lagi kat rumah menjaga afiq... we become attach. afiq jadi lagi manja. gud thing.. disebabkan lama bersama afiq kat umah tu.. afiq dah tak takut main sorang2.. kat mana2 dlm umah. so takdelahh dia nak mengikut je mana kita pergi. yg susahnye kita pulak kena ikut mana dia pergi. takkan nak biarkan dia main sorang2 camtu je. dah la dia suka main tutup pintu and tarik laci.

afiq also has learn to stand without support this week. yeay for afiq!afiq berjaya berdiri dengan sendiri dalam masa lebih dari 2 minit.

then comes to weekend 20th dec pergi genting lagi. this time wit azli's family. very hard time. nak jaga afiq yg masih lebat ngan chicken pox. pastu nak layan family azli. pastu nak kena bawak dia lari dari org masak. i dont enjoy my 2nd trip to genting. tak best. tak gi theme park pun. tak rehat betul2 pun. tension pun.
sekarang afiq punya chicken pox still tak clear betul. tapi dah kena hujan. semalam.. and pagi ni .. ada hujan renyai2.

family issues
i don t know why.. i mesti ada issue with his family. they dont know but it is always me yg terasa.
i always tak puas hati this and that. but i never express my feelings in front of them. azli will rolls his eyes if i confront them. but sometimes i do talk to them but they never take it seriously. oo makan dalamnye... i know i have to threat them like my own family. if i treat them like my own.. nanti derang tak tahan pulak. mulut ni a little bit tade insurans. selamba je sound. takut nanti terasa pulak org tua azli and adik ipar nanti. i dont want that to happen.. because i hormat the way azli layan org tuanya. dia sebolehnye tak mau kata tidak, and layan je kerenah mak ayah.
tapi kerenah ayah kadang2 melampau!! and dia tau azli tak melawan.. asyik2 azli je yg kena. as if dia pulak anak sulong and as if dia sorang je anak lelaki kat umah tu. walhal ada 3 lelaki lain including menantu. wooooo sakit hati je....

Friday, December 12, 2008

Hari Keluarga di Teluk Batik

10 Disember and 11 Disember 2008: Hari Keluarga hj Yahya di Teluk Batik.
Seronok dapat berkumpul sanak sedara kat teluk batik. disini dapat dilihat dalam game, sukaneka dan cabutan bertuah sapa yg berhasad dengki, sapa yg ikhlas, sapa yang berat sebelah, sapa yg sporting, hmmm memang nampak ketara.
yg kelakar sekali pak ehem ehem, beliau ada menyatakan dalam meeting bersama ketua keluarga yg lain, begini ayatnya lebih kurang 'saya tak mau lihat pada masa hari tersebut nanti, tak ada yang bersifat hasad dengki, tak mau compare org tu dapat ini, org ni dapat itu, kita tak dapat apa2, bilik dia ada ekon la, napa kita dapat bilik kipas je..'. hakikatnya family pak ehem ehem tersebut yg lebih bersifat dengki kat org lain. judging contest bersifat berat sebelah. nak anak beranak dia je yg menang. anyway anyhow.. hadiah dia sama je. sekadar seronok2 menjerit bersorak bersukaneka. afiq pun seronok bersorak.. org menjerit..dia pun menjerit.

bola baling
yeah for women's team melawati rangers. we all defeated meru fc.
our team comprises of
anjang / che'ngah.

meru fc:
?? lupa dah sapa

however the melawati rangers guys team lose to meru fc. they lose only because the referee is biul, dont know how to make decision and a little bit berat sebelah. otherwise.. ours might win as well.
guys team:
my darling,
abg fesol,
and the capt: bengta.

after the game, badan yg dah jarang sangat bersukan mula la sakit2. until now.. my leg hurts. especially around the ankle, tapak kaki, and peha. aduiiii... nak manja2 ngan darling tak buleh.. dia pun sama sakit seluruh badan. dah lama bangat tak bersukan..

letih letih... tido
on the 1st day @teluk batik, afiq tido tanpa bangun awal pagi seperti kebiasaannya kul 4 pagi. tido ngan nyenyaknya sampai tak ingat. seronok dia tido.. sebab.. ssejukkk giler. afiq and mama share blanket. selalunya dia tido taknak pakai blanket. yg ni agaknya letih+sejuk+nyaman+ punggung tak basah. seronok betul dia tidur.
masa balik semalam naik van izwan. airconnnye tersembunyi kat bawah tingkap kanan. baringkan afiq dekat2 ngan aircon tu...terus pejam mata. and tido all the way from perak sampai sungai besar.. then jaga.. lompat2, tonggeng sana sini, nangis pulak, panjat itu ini, nangis balik, dok kat depan ngan baba.. tido semula..sampai umah acik.
balik umah pun tido lagi. jaga tukar cd, tido balik dan jaga semula @ 2 lebih.. nak susu,, tido balik, jaga balik tuko cd lagi,@6am tido lagi.. sampai baba gi keje kul 7.20. (susah betul darling nak bangun pagi tadi!)

Thursday, December 4, 2008

afiq: 4 hari 4 mlm tanpa cd

ooo kehilangannya rasanya...
kesian kat afiq. pakai dispo brand fitty.. naik rashes. nape gitu huaaaa kesian kat afiq. konon nak carik yg murah, pakai lama sikit dah merah.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

3 new fitted diaper

semalam barusampai 3 lagi cd. this time beli fitted pulak. sebab pe.. afiq is a very heavy wetter. actually i bought 5. the other 2 is too besar. so i gave to faris and fahim anak che no. malas nak beli saiz infant. sebab dia saiz 4kg-10kg. berapa lama la sangat afiq buleh pakai saiz tu. skang ni pun dah 9 kg rasanya. tapi tgk besar la pulak. sgt besar untuk afiq.
so i bought this one. tiny tush Organic One-Size Fitted
original price RM81.00, sale RM60.80

pstu kita beli yg bulat-bulat tu.
Kushies basic : from RM 33.00 sales RM 16.50
Kushies classic : original 47.00 sales RM27.50
loveybum sherpa RM 75.00 sales RM63.00
tiny tush os fitted RM78.90 sales RM59.20

yg brand kushies tu yg bagi anak2 achik. sales.. buat amal. bg je la. malas nak claim kat derang.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Sad Sad Sad

afiq pergi genting bersama atok and nenek and cicik. oooo.... tak syoknye rasa. sebab afiq dah pergi berseronok dulu sebelum pergi dengan mama and baba.

afiq tak cukup makan? or minum? @ kedai atok?

cicik tade kat kedai semalam. only atok and nenek yg jaganya. pergi hantar 4 bancuhan, balik tinggal 2 bancuhan extra. from 7am to 6pm? only consume 12 oz of milk? i suspect less than that because i see there were 2-3 oz left in the bottle kat belakang. poor afiq. did afiq consume bubur yesterday afternoon? and tinggal sikit yg tak habis adalah madu 3 oz. bila masuk keta, afiq cried, when i give him the left madu..he drinks it like haus sgt. how long have they not giving him drinks? oooo mmmm gggggg i feel very sad when i think about it. did afiq really eat well? diaper pun tak berat mcm biasa.
when i talk about this to my dh .. he snaps back at me. very sensitive one when i complaint about his family. am i very overprotective to my baby? it is normal to worry much about him? it shud be normal la i think. i'm his mama.. i should be worry about afiq. what kind of mama wud i be if i'm not worried about him, about what he consume, whether he eats or not, whether he had enough sleep, whether he is having a good time or not.
afiq: yg nak main ngan dia ramai, ramai sgt.. yg betul2 jaga dia, sapa????

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

mlm tanpa tembus

fuhh malam tadi succeed pakaikan afiq cd without leaking. yes the frshbot aio fitted cd dah tak leaking. tapi tak pakaikan sepanjang mlm. kesian kat beberd dia. kalau lama sikit pakai diaper naik rashes and merah2. overall i'm quite happy with the performance. he drinks quite a lot jugak, 3 oz of my bf. 4 oz of soya milk, before tidor i filled him in with biskut-1 1/2 with milk. so i wear him the cd with thai insert at 7 near 8 pm then change blueberry minky with hemp+insert combo at 12 am.. then 6 am dia bangun pagi. terus je tukar dispo untuk dibwk rumah mertua.
today i bekalkan afiq 2 pair of cd for cicik to try it on him. i hope she will put it on him later. i dont expect my fil to pakaikan dia cd. dia bubuh dispo pun boleh leaking (tu 1st time.. dia ingat mcm pakai seluar.. longgar yg amat, skrg maybe ok dah kot).
this morning pam susu baru dapat tak sampai 1 oz. nanti kul 12 nak kena stimulate lagi.
harap2 berjaya laa misi ini...

Monday, November 17, 2008

mind controls body or body controls mind?

afternoon session. huhhh. only a few bf came out. kalau masuk tekak pun rasa ciput je.
they said its okay if u only pump air only. lama lama my body will think i need to reproduce more. its demand meet supply concept. more demand, more suppply.later on the body will undertand that it need to supply more milk. aiyoo.. isn't supposely mind control the body? how on earth would the body know that it need to do something. same like eating. the body gave signal base on regular process. then minds controls it. if mind said i'm fasting today.. so the body will act like normal coz they know its fasting but still requesting for food. then about going to the toilet. yes mind have no control over that but they still can ask the body to wait for a while i need to do something 1st. thinking about it again makes me think that mind and body sometimes do not cooperate well. like when afiq on1st-2month, i think i produce lots of milk. but my body didn't think so. and makes my mind believe that there is not enough milk in my body.
i think i must learn how to control my own mind so that it fits the need of my body and how to make the body listen to mind. and..
how to make body and mind control each other wisely.

BF MISSION: get those milk back!!

Im on a mission. nak start pam semula and nak banyakkan semula bm so that afiq can enjoy his night time with my milk. this morning 6.15-6.30 expressing milk- 2 oz.. ( sebab afiq tak nenen this morning. he's at opah's house so byk la sikit hihi) then 10 am - 1 oz. this afternooon.. nak express milk lagi. then sebelum balik.. kalau sempat. sekali lagi.
today..been browsing the online store for this jamu (this picture). if i want to buy this have to wait until end of this month when dah gaji. my money dah almost finish spending on cd for afiq.
eeee.. have to stop this madness. got to stop buying cd. then for next month i'm targeting to buy waterproof bed pad from bumble bee at little whiz. they are having sale on that item only RM28.90 from RM47.00. how much less is that. must grab one. but have to wait. wait until next week 26th baru gaji kuar. for now have to be patience. patience and patience.
then next month also have to control myself not to buy more cd. u know what last friday went to putrajaya and buy another 4 cd. but only 2 i kept another 2 give to ke'no. i dono whether my mission to produce more milk will succeed or not. oo my target would be get back those 6oz yg i dah pernah achieve dulu. that was per day huh. target has to be realistic so bila achieve boleh target for more. ummm bila la nak start mission save 1000 per month pulak. uuuu.. have to study saving money more. and must commit to this mission 1st!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

uuuu lambat lagi

uu this morning lambat lagi arrrr. this time bukan sebab terhegeh hegeh siap. sebab bangun lambat. 6.40 husband kejut. selalu kita kejutkan dia. pagi ni dia pulak yg kejutkan. hahaha tertido balik lepas tutup alarm. afiqnya bangun banyak kali. dia dah bangun kul 4 pagi tadi. bfkan dia tak cukup. topup ngan fm. 6 oz. maka terlebih banyak pee la pagi td. bocor la cd dia. saja pakaikan cd thai and bubuh insert satu je sebab planning kul 6am nak tukarkan dispo diaper. dah terlajak tido. uuu basah.. balik ni nak jemur and basuh tilam dia. nasib baik harini tido umah opah. esok planning nak tido umah maklong dia kat putrajaya. baba tade- gi langkawi.. bawak anak yatim. uhh program umno dia la tu. so mama dah buat planning nak jumpa member kat putrajaya. ahahah. sambil tuh boleh collect cd kat sana. beli cd thai lagi. uhuhu. yg ni beli untuk dia pakai waktu siang.. di kedai cicik.
tadi ebay baru jek email. dia kata barang yg menang bid dah shipped out. fuhhh.. harap2 selamat la sampai ke rumah mak.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Datang kerja lambat :-(

hari-hari lambat! tiap2 pagi terhegeh2 bersiap nak pegi keja. bangun kul 5.15 pun kuar kul 7 bangun kul 6.30 pun kuar kul 7. tinggal lagi bila bangun kul 5.15 tu byk bende yg boleh buat tanpa rasa tergesa-gesa. breakfast pun sempat. tapi yg herannye apsalla tak buleh kuar kul 6.45. mesti terbabas sampai kul 7 gak. kuar kul 6.45 keta kurang sikit. kul 7 kalu. 2-3 minit je habis kat junction nak cross. very big difference. then bila dah lambat tu apalagi rempittt menuju highway. habis RM3.60. kalau awal.. jalan ipoh-kuching-duta tu clear lagi. 30min pun buleh sampai.


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Berjaya pengaruh achik and ke'no pakaikan cd

hari minggu haritu berjaya pengaruh ke'no untuk pakaikan cloth diaper utk anaknya fahim. pergi umah mak.. saja bawak yg saiz besar punya. drybees AIO. and bawak spare utk afiq coolababy yellow color. last2 dua-dua bagi kat fahim. sebab nak galakkan derang cuba cd.
hari senin 10/11 2 keping cd sampai lagi. kali ni addresskan kat office. so mak tade la nak bising2.. byknya bende kamu beli kat internet. hahaha. dah terok punya addicted kat cd. sekrang I dah clearkan duit kat maybank2u so that i wont make a purchase anymore.
tapi dalam pada tu dok place a bid nak beli coolababy kat ebay. hari ni tamat bidding dia. kalah la ada org outbid. menyampah!
and kat susuibu.com ada org nak jual 2ndhand cd.
then dok query kat lampinkain.blogspot 3 keping cd thai.
what happen to me? apsal la tamak semua nak rembat. huhhh entahla

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

on cloth diaper part II

Semalam dah sampai 2 lagi drybees from mia bambina. oo comelnya cd ni. cuba lagi pakaikan frshbot aio fitted. this time with thirsties diaper cover. bocor juga..this time kat depan pulak. i just discover that
rupanya afiq still on size M. tgkla dia pakai size L. besar sangat. sampai kena lipat kat pinggang tuh. Lepas pakai cd semalam afiq berpeluh2. mungkin agaknya berlapis2 mama dia bubuhkan. iyelah. so far tak pernah success lagi pakai cd without changing it in the middle of the night. masa pakai dispo pun suka tukarkan tgh mlm. agaknya dia rasa tak selesa sebab basah. harap2 malam ni berjayala pakaikan sampai kul 6 pagi. malam ni nak cuba pakaikan blueberry minky.
Atok and opahnya tertanya2 apalah yg mamanya order. hari2 asyik datang je courier. tu namanya hari2 asyik shopping online. takpe next time nak hantar barang kat opis pulak. then next month hantar kat rumah pulak. so takdela obvious asyik menghabihkan duit je. haha. eh sekrang tgh sale la. tu pasal la dah gila shopping.

Monday, November 3, 2008

afiq on cloth diaper

Just now baru je spent RM144.80 to buy another cloth diaper for afiq. uuu mia bambina tgh sale sekarang. 10% on drybees and wahmies product. masuk harini dah beratus duit habis beli cloth diaper. sejak ada anak ni dah pandai beli brg online. naik ketagih pulak.
tapi sejak beli cloth diaper ni makin ketagih nak beli lagi and lagi and lagi. sebab every cloth diaper yg jual tu is so cute.
dah rasa confident pakaikan afiq cd ni. tu yg lagi rasa nak beli dan lagi dan lagi. last week baru je beli cd one size kat lil danzel. habis jugak lagi dekat nak seratus. sebab beli insert dia byk2 sekali. saja nak try brand lain-lain.
so far sgt puas hati baik pakai brand us punya or thailand punya or china punya. tapi yg kurang puas hati lagi ni pakai yg malaysian punya: frshbots AIO fitted yg berharga RM39.00 satu. apsal la afiq pakai bocor. takkan la pakai 2 jam dah bocor. do i need to wear it dgn diaper cover?
btw doesn't he looked cute on this diaper? this one china punya coolababy. beli dekat one nice lady kat putrajaya yg happen to jual cd online jugak. i ada survey kat ebay ada jual sekali lambak coolababy 12 piece dengan herge yg agak considerable. maybe oo maybe if i get my husband permission i nak beli byk2 pastu jual online mcm that nice lady tu jugak. hahaha.. bukan nak makan bisnes org.. tapi nak wujudkan good persaingan. kalau tak laku.. afiq buleh pakai. ahahah.

setiap kali pakaikan afiq cd, dia mesti angkat kaki tinggi2 mcm ni. tak tahu kenapa.. best kot?

Friday, October 31, 2008

suddenly i also want to blog

Apsal la sebuk nak blog. tengah banyak kerja ni.
tak tau laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa